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PostSubject: Back on the planet   Back on the planet EmptyNovember 23rd 2016, 5:21 pm

I googled 'clubpenguinplanet' on a whim today. I must have dropped off the site when we lost our old .net web address. I had no idea the forum still existed. I see I've got a few thousand posts, all from just before my teens, and I'm a bit puzzled by my profile picture. Reading through some of my old postings has made me cringe a bit, but to unearth them after so many years is still fascinating. I suppose those of us that grew up playing Club Penguin so actively have a fairly large digital footprint of old forum posts, blog entries, emails, etc. Memories get lost to time but what's on the internet sticks around forever; it's a question of what data is still accessible. I don't remember anything I posted on here, but it's all still available for anyone with internet access to sift through. Some of it you want to forget, but the rest gives you a window on a time you wouldn't recall much from otherwise!

I haven't played Club Penguin since I was in sixth or seventh grade, but I do log in my old account every so often just to keep it from being deleted. I still pick up the anniversary party hats every October 24, and maybe try out mancala or find four or sledding, just as a guilty pleasure. I can't forget about my virtual CP experiences, I've still got thousands of screenshots of the game saved on my old hard drive. I could dump them on Flickr, I don't know who would look at them though. Even though it was totally virtual and I never even saw the faces of the "friends" that I made, I couldn't bring myself to delete the pictures, not at this stage anyways.

I'm surprised Club Penguin itself is still kicking, I think most browser-based games have gone by the wayside since mobile gaming took off. I suppose we'll see it last a few more years, maybe get adapted for mobile devices if it hasn't already.

I imagine most of this forum's old users are high school or college students, or part of the workforce, so I don't imagine more than a few people will look at this thread. I just felt like leaving a message here. Enjoy your holidays, or whatever else you've got going on in your lives currently.

- Michael
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Back on the planet
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